Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Guardian of the Wands - Queen

Fire!! Fire!! burning bright, fire that gives life to something else once it burns out; fire that lights up the night sky for miles around so those who have seen it in all its terrible glory would remember it forever. And the keeper who was once a flame burning from a candle will become the fiercest forest fire that would ensure growth is eminent once the flames die out.

For when the flames burn out, such brightness would never be seen again in a land grown dark and dusty; shadows of long forgotten memories.

The Page who is the Keeper of the Flames must shed her childlike naiveties; to sheild and protect the flames from being extinguished, the power of the flame is useless when not put to use.

There is no guarantee that fire will not rage out of control; would it be better to burn out for to fade out?